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Studio Themes & Topics

Young people can explore a wide range of topics in ArchForKids studios. In addition, we can develop new workshops based on your needs and interests.


Adventures in Architecture (series):  A fun, fast-paced introduction to the tools, strategies and work of architects. A different building activity every session, from bridges to towers to animal habitats.

Design a Waterfront Park: Design a park for a shoreline, adding landscaping, pathways, a playground, concessions and more.

Dragon Dens, Fairy Cottages & Troll Bridges: Create a shelter for a mythical creature or being of your choice.

Super Sports: Design a stadium or facility for YOUR favorite sport –  soccer, baseball, tennis, skateboarding and more.

All Around My Community (series): Explore the neighborhood with an architectural walk. Learn about the elements that comprise a community. Re-create the facades of local buildings.  Finally, construct 3D models of town structures and put them all together to make a community!

Adventures in Architecture
All Around My Community
Fairy Home

 Tree Houses – Up Up & Away: Create your own model playspace in the branches.

Bridges – From Here to There: Explore the many different types of bridges in your community and build working models of these amazing structures.

Let’s Make an Arch! Construct and decorate an arch bridge as you learn what makes them so strong and stable.

Creature Comforts – Animal Shelters: Create a home for your favorite animal based on its habits and biome.

Super Slides: Design, build and test a mini roller coaster for marbles to ride on.

Green Skyscraper Challenge:  Join the global movement of green skyscraper design by constructing your own model eco-tower.

Up, Up & Away - treehouse
Bridges - From Here to There
Creature Comforts

Net Zero Dream House: Construct the house of your dreams for a particular location, taking into consideration the region’s climate and native materials.

Fun with Facades: Explore the distinctive structures of your community and learn basic architectural elements. Re-create their fronts (facades) using shapes, colors and collage techniques.

Evolution of Homes in New York State (series): Learn how shelters evolved from Native American dwellings to present-day homes. Participants will create a 3D timeline featuring homes and residential structures of different eras.

Scraping the Sky: Design and build your own tall tower and learn about the math – and forces – involved in their design and construction.

Superhero Homes & Headquarters: What kind of superhero could your community use? Design his/her home taking into account the superhero’s powers and purpose.

Fun with Facades
NYS Homes

Classroom Antics: Students will create their ideal classroom, using geometric concepts.

Going Beyond the Words: Construct an environment using a scene from a favorite book/story. Perfect for summer reading programs or to enrich a book read in class.

How Does Your Garden Grow?  Learn about framing, shapes and stability in architecture as you make a tabletop greenhouse. Then grow plants from seeds in the structure you created.

Map It! (series): Create a large scaled floor map of NYC or Washington DC, and then construct scaled models of the iconic buildings and structures to place on the map. Perfect to prepare students for field trips to these locations.

Live Green! Make a Sustainable Village: Design and construct an entire village designed to live in harmony with the earth’s environment. Include renewable energy sources – native materials, walking & bike paths, green spaces, and much more.

Beyond the Words
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Castles – Homes & Fortresses: Learn about these fascinating structures  – from their architectural details to their strategic geography, to how people lived and worked in castles. Then build your own mini castle!

Design, Build, Sit! Chair Masters Design Studio (series):  Explore the fundamentals of structure, force and resistance as participants design and construct life-size chairs — out of cardboard — capable of supporting their weight. Another option is “A Chair for a Bear”; students design smaller chairs for stuffed animals.

Sustainable House & Yard: Harness the energy of the sun, wind, water and earth to power your shelter

Museum Design: Make a museum – it could be an art or natural history museum, or even a museum designed to showcase your collection of stuffed animals, action figures, etc.

Castles: Homes & Fortresses
Chairmasters Design Studio
Sustainable Design

Space Habitats and Make a Home for Your Alien are just two of our popular intergalactic design workshops.

Dream Shelters: Construct your ideal house for a particular location, taking into consideration the region’s climate and native materials.

Playground Design: Create your ideal playground or adventure park and understand the simple machines behind the equipment.

Minecraft Mania: Calling all Minecraft players – design and construct a 3D environment for their virtual world/biome.

Dino Domains: Create a habitat for your favorite dinosaur – a flying Pterodactyl, the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant Sauropod, etc.

Spacecraft design
Dream House design
Amusement Park Design