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  • Treehouse design at New Era Creative Space
    Treehouse design at New Era Creative Space, Peekskill NY

What We Do

ArchForKids provides young people with dynamic, hands-on, minds-on learning experiences grounded in architecture, design, engineering and urban planning.


Young designers brainstorm, sketch, estimate, design, calculate and construct. They create parks and dream houses, go on I Spy architecture walks, build model skyscrapers and bridges, and so much more. They apply academic concepts to real world situations. In addition, young people gain a deeper understanding – and appreciation – of their own communities and the wider world. 

Whether you are an educator looking for project-based STEAM learning aligned with your curriculum, a museum or library staffer seeking a unique workshop, or a parent looking for exciting enrichment opportunities, ArchForKids has something for you!

ArchForKids Partners Karen Orloff, Kathryn Slocum, Janny Gedeon

ArchForKids Partners Karen Orloff, Janny Gédéon and Kathryn Slocum