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Make a Castle: Free virtual workshop with ArchForKids educators on Thursday, January 19 at 4pm EDT. Sponsored by the Harrison Public Library.

Fun & interactive! Register here

  • Map It! Washington DC project
    Map It! Washington DC project

What We Do – architecture for children

ArchForKids provides young people with dynamic hands-on, minds-on learning experiences – grounded in architecture, design, engineering and urban planning.


Young designers brainstorm, sketch, estimate, design, calculate and construct. They create parks and dream houses. They go on I Spy architecture walks, build model skyscrapers and bridges, and more. They apply academic concepts to real world situations. Young people gain a deeper understanding – and appreciation – of their own communities and the wider world.

For schools, ArchForKids provides STEAM programs that enrich curriculum, both during the school day and afterschool hours. For museums, libraries and community centers, we lead engaging workshops that explore the built environment. For families and homeschoolers, we offer workshops and mentoring on an “on demand’ basis. In addition, ArchForKids provides creative birthday parties – we call them Building Parties.

ArchForKids educators can come to your location in the NYC area, or we can provide virtual programming to locations around the world. Whatever your educational needs, ArchForKids has something for you!