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The year 2020 provided many surprises for everyone, and those of us here at ArchForKids are no exception.  Faced with school and library closings we began to offer virtual workshops and classes. This was definitely a learning curve and to this day we are still working out all of the bugs and continuing to perfect how to adapt our lessons to an online format.

Virtual learning did however open up many unexpected new avenues for us.  Without geographical constraints we were able to have students from outside of New York state join and learn with us.  We taught students from all over ranging from Egypt to Florida and more. We held classes, workshops, summer camps and even helped students in Florida have an impact on the rebuilding efforts in their own city (learn more here). 

We even began to partner with other creatives in the industry to bring our students and supporters unique and exciting content, such as our video with Deepika Shrestha Ross. We look forward to bringing you even more new content, buildable templates, videos from our founders and educators and more in the new year. 

Watch the video below to join us as we take a look back at what 2020 looked like for ArchForKids and to get a sneak peek at what is coming up in 2021.