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Architect and Documentary Film Maker Deepika Shrestha Ross Makes Special Video for ArchForKids on the Connection Between Architecture and Film and Introduces Momo America

Here at ArchForKids we love to collaborate with and highlight other amazing professionals and creatives in the architecture field in order to provide our students with engaging and unique resources and content to help inspire them and provoke thought about themes relevant to both the study of architecture and the experiences of those in their communities. With that thought in mind we reached out to architect turned filmmaker Deepika Shrestha Ross to discuss featuring her film.

Deepika is an immensely creative and engaging architect and filmmaker.  During her work as an architect she has focused on the stories of communities, institutions and individuals through the design of physical space. Her architectural portfolio includes a wide range of projects such as schools, hospitals, LEED neighborhood pilot projects, and NYC apartments. 

In addition to her career as an architect Deepika is a filmmaker who focuses on telling the stories often missing from the dominant cultural narratives including her film titled Momo America which is what we reached out to her to discuss.

The documentary short film does an incredible job of providing an insider’s view into the Nepali American immigrant experience. Deepika has a very unique perspective as an architect, filmmaker and as a Nepali American immigrant. The young designers that we work with come from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and, like Deepika, many of them can relate to the immigrant experience either personally or through their family members.

With her architecture background in mind, Deepika sat down to share her thoughts on the relationship between architecture and film and how both can be used to share the different stories of people, places and communities. You can find her thoughts in the special video made for ArchForKids below after which we urge you to view her film Momo America.

Click Here to view Momo America

Go here to learn more about Deepika Shrestha Ross and her work.

Image credits: Deepika Shrestha Ross Studio