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At Queens’ PS232 Elementary School, ArchForKids embarked on an inspiring 8-week in-school residency that delved deep into the rich architectural history of New York City. Led by educators Janny Gédéon and Chandanie Francis, third-grade students embarked on an immersive journey spanning centuries, from the city’s earliest beginnings to the present day.

two photos showing 2 person pairs of 3rd grade students creating their nyc structure model in a classroom setting

Throughout the residency, students enthusiastically delved into the architectural evolution of NYC, crafting a timeline that showcased iconic and historical buildings that have shaped the city’s skyline and identity. From pre-colonial wigwams and longhouses to stately historical homes like the Morris-Jumel Mansion and Van Cortlandt House, students explored the diverse architectural tapestry of New York City.

Under the guidance of ArchForKids, students embarked on a hands-on exploration, creating intricate models inspired by these iconic edifices. From the soaring heights of the Empire State Building to the unique artistry of The Guggenheim Museum and the poignant symbolism of One World Trade Center, students meticulously crafted their models, gaining a deeper appreciation for the architectural marvels that define their city.

6 photos showing 3rd grade students working in groups in a classroom using cardboard and other materials to create their project models

Beyond the physical structures, students delved into the stories behind the buildings, learning about the lives of the architects and craftsmen who brought these visions to life. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, Gédéon and Francis provided insights into the historical and cultural context surrounding each structure, fostering a deeper understanding of why these landmarks were built and their significance to the fabric of New York City.

two photos showing the creative process in the classroon. There are several different third graders using scissors, cardboard and glue sticks to create their 3D models

As the residency drew to a close, the culmination of the students’ hard work was unveiled in a spectacular presentation—a chronological timeline stretching through the hallway of the school. Adorned with meticulously crafted models and accompanied by informative displays, the timeline served as a testament to the students’ dedication and creativity throughout the program.

Timeline of NYC Structures projects on the wall of the school. You can see over 20 models of buildings built by third grade students using cardboard and construction paper In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude, the students and teachers presented educators Janny and Chandanie with thank-you flowers, a touching reminder of the lasting impact of the residency on both students and educators alike. Through the exploration of NYC’s architectural heritage, students not only honed their creative and critical thinking skills but also developed a deeper connection to the rich history and vibrant spirit of their city.