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Programs For Libraries, Museums & Community Centers


ArchForKids leads family and youth programs on a myriad of topics. They can be inspired by museum exhibitions and collections. In libraries, our programs focus on STEAM topics, children’s literature, and the surrounding community. Plus all the classic ArchForKids topics are available: bridges, animal habitats, alien homes, roller coasters and much more.

Recommended workshop time frame: 90 minutes. Pricing begins at $275 depending on topic and program length.

Big Build

Design Challenges

Want a program for an entire morning, afternoon or a whole day? Then have ArchForKids facilitate a design challenge.

Working in teams, participants brainstorm ideas, build and test solutions, and present their designs and ideas. We have held challenges on tree house design, space colony creation and “Build a City” extravaganzas. A great introduction to the design process and how architects work. Pricing begins at $400.

Build a Village, Katonah Art Museum

Out-of-School-Time Studios

Enrich your existing after-school or weekend series with a multi-session ArchForKids residency. You select the theme and we design studios that include a range of building projects and community investigations. Who knew learning could be so much fun? Pricing begins at $225 per session.

Architecture Walks

Explore the structures and spaces that make up a community in a fun “I Spy” format. Participants identify architectural elements, sketch what they see, and more.

jackson Heights community walk

Build with Me

Special activities for very young designers, ages 3 to 6. Children experiment with shapes, colors and patterns and develop fine motor skills.


News flash

See the range of topics explored in ArchForKids programs here. So many choices!

Please note - all ArchForKids programs postponed due to the coronavirus. Keep watching our website for further developments.

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