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Public Events

Find ArchForKids at libraries, museums and community organizations throughout the New York metro area. Programs are recommended for children ages 5 and up, caregivers are welcome. All library programs are FREE.

If you would like to bring ArchForKids to your community – or would like us to lead a virtual program – please contact us at info@archforkids.com or 914.200.3646.

Due to COVID-19, all ArchForKids live programs are on hold. In the meantime, we are offering virtual programming – including our own summer camps and on-demand workshops! 

Your Neighborhood in a Global Community – a 3-Day Virtual Camp 

August 18-20, 10am – noon EDT., plus independent building time. Recommended for ages 6 & up

Explore your own neighborhood and then compare it with the communities throughout the globe. Learn the elements that make up a community. Take an architecture walk. Re-create the facade (front) of your home or another local structure. Finally, make a model of a community of your own design. Campers will change the way they view their surroundings while gaining an understanding of the wider world. Sessions will be fun and highly interactive. Maximum size: 15 children, 5 registrants needed to run the camp.

Tuition $125. $30 discount for additional sibling registration. We will provide a detailed list of supplies needed (all common household materials such as recycled boxes). To register, click here

ArchForKids on Demand – Zoom workshops 

Pick your own time & date!

Book a 90-minute program on a topic of your choice – Super Hero Homes, skyscrapers, Space Colony, etc. Get inspiration on possible themes here. Interactive, fun format. Gather friends and family near and far, and do a project together! Price per program: $20 per child, with a $120 minimum. We can also do a program series. Ideal for homeschoolers. Please contact us at info@archforkids.com or 914.200.3646 to schedule a session

Free Zoom Workshops sponsored by New Rochelle Public Library

Every Thursday July 9 – Aug 30 @ 11am

Join us every week as we build castles and treehouses. Design a playground or your ideal bedroom. Make a model of a sustainable house and yard. A new topic every week!

Required/frequently used materials for all projects: scissors, recycled boxes, cardboard bases, construction paper, glue stick and/or Elmer’s glue, masking tape and/or scotch tape. Tissue paper (mostly green), cardboard tubes and pipe cleaners are very useful. Twigs and pebbles collected outside, toothpicks/Popsicle sticks, buttons, stickers, wrapping paper, buttons, markers, and pompoms can be used to embellish your creations.

To access the sessions, go here on Thursdays at 11am EDT

Plan a Playground – Virtual workshop sponsored by Yonkers Public Library

Wednesday, July 19 @ 2:00pm

Design the playground of your dreams! Decide what equipment you want to include, as well as benches, a snack bar and more. Recommended for ages 5 and up.This will be a fun and highly interactive workshop on the Zoom platform. Made possible, in part, by an Arts Alive grant from ArtsWestchester.

Materials needed: Cardboard base (can cut from a box), glue Stick or Elmer’s glue, tape (clear or masking) scissors, construction paper, Buttons or bottle caps (swings, seats, paths), Toothpicks, cardboard scraps or popsicle sticks for equipment/fences/trees, cut-up egg cartons for seesaw bases & trash cans. small boxes to for playhouses, restrooms and snack bars, twigs, pine cones/pebbles/greenery and other natural materials

To access the session, go here on 7/15 at 2pm

Storybook Castles – Virtual workshop sponsored by New York Public Library

Thursday, July 23 @ 11 a.m.

Magnificent castles appear in many fairy tales. They are defensive structures designed to keep invaders out and its residents safe. After learning about the evolution and architecture of these fascinating structures, build your own model castle! Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Materials needed: a box for the castle – a shoebox or small mailing box work well, a smaller box for the castle keep,  cardboard base larger than the castle box, tape – scotch or masking, glue stick or Elmer’s glue, scissors, construction paper, paper towel tubes (or paper rolled into a tall tube). Optional supplies to embellish your model: tin foil, pipe cleaners, buttons, egg cartons, tissue paper, markers, crayons, wrapping paper to cover boxes, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks etc.

To access the session, go to www.nypl.org/summerreading/watch

Make an Enchanted Forest – Virtual workshop sponsored by New York Public Library

Pre-recorded workshop

Be a landscape designer for an imaginary land. Design a wooded area for unicorns, witches, elves and other magical creatures. We will show some examples to get your imagination fired up. Then build your model along with the founder of ArchForKids, Janny GedeonA great family activity for all ages!

 Materials needed: cardboard base – can be cut from a mailing carton, tape, glue stick or Elmer’s glue, scissors, construction paper, small recycled boxes (to make castles, cottages, etc.), twigs collected outside, cardboard scraps to construct 3D elements. This is an open-ended challenge. Use supplies you have at home to embellish your model. Some suggestions: tin foil, buttons, cut-up egg cartons, Play dough, tissue paper, markers and/or crayons, wrapping paper to cover boxes, Popsicle sticks & toothpicks, Cardboard tubes, pebbles & pine cones and more!

To access the session, go to www.nypl.org/summerreading/watch