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Upcoming Events

You’ll find ArchForKids programs at libraries, camps, schools, museums and other places in and around the New York metropolitan region. Come join us!

City Pier Design @ Brooklyn Public Library – Leonard

Wednesday, February 27 @ 4-5:30 pm:  Take a crumbling waterfront pier and transform it into something completely different – a mini amusement park, a community garden – the choice is yours! Recommended for ages 5+, caregivers welcome. Free.

Sky Bridges of the Inka Empire @ Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian

Saturday, March 1 @ 1-4 pm: Families will explore the cutting-edge engineering and technology behind the Inka suspension bridges that spanned canyons and rivers in South America 500 years ago. After inspecting the full-scale replica in the museum’s imagiNATIONS Activity Center, participants will construct their own model Inka bridge. As they build their models, kids will experiment with the forces that make suspension bridges strong and stable. Drop-in format, recommended for children 5 and above plus their caregivers. Free, register here.

Bridges – From Here to There @ Yonkers Public Library – Grinton I. Will

Tuesday, March 5 @ 4-5:30 pm:  Learn about these amazing structures and then make a working model of a suspension, lift or swing bridge.  Recommended for ages 5+, caregivers welcome. Free.

 Castle Construction @ Queens Public Library – South Hollis

Thursday, March 7  @ 4-5:50 pm:  Learn about castle architecture and how people lived and worked in these fascinating structures. Then make your own model castle.  Recommended for ages 5+, caregivers welcome. Free.

 City Pier Design @ Brooklyn Public Library – Highlawn

Monday, March 11  @ 4-5:50 pm:  Transform an old waterfront pier into a playground, a recreation center, or something else. Recommended for ages 5+, caregivers welcome. Free.