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ArchForKids School Programs

ArchForKids School Programs

Design Studio

Our core program is a 2- to 12-session STEAM-based residency that enrichens curriculum. Schools select a grade level and theme, from All Around My Community to Bridges: From Here to There (click here to see some possibilities), and our experienced design facilitators take it from there. In an optional end-of-residency celebration, students present their work to their families and the school community.

  • 60 minute sessions (other timeframes are possible upon discussion)
  • Grades pre-K – 12
  • Maximum 5 classes/day
  • Priced by the day: $400 per day for 1 class, $600/day for 2 classes, $700/day for 3 classes, $800/day for 4 classes and $900/day for 5 classes

Price includes a planning session, written curriculum, staffing and materials. Certain topics, such as Chair Masters Design Studio, require a modest extra materials fee.

Afterschool Studios

Enrich your afterschool program with a multi-session ArchForKids residency. It can range from “Adventures in Architecture,” with a different building activity each week, or a thematic series on a topic you select. We infuse all hands-on projects with math, science, art and social studies content in a fun, engaging way. Pricing begins at $200/session.

Design Challenge

A concentrated one-day program: students use the design process to respond to a challenge. They brainstorm, design, build and test possible solutions. At the end, participants present their work to their peers. A great way to culminate a unit of study, investigate a community issue or animate a Maker Space. Possible topics include Space Colony Design, Continents Around the World, Park Re-Design, and many other possibilities.

  • Minimum 1.5-hour program, up to an entire school day
  • Several classes can be accommodated at once in a large space (gym, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Priced according to number of students and timeframe – contact info@archforkids.com for price quotes
  • Grades K-12

Professional Development

ArchForKids helps educators use project-based STEAM learning – and the built environment – to enrich the subjects they teach.  We provide teachers with strategies to integrate architecture into their social studies/math/science/art/ELA lesson plans. Then their students can make the connections between the real world and the concepts/skills they need for future success.

  • 90 minute workshop: $400
  • half-day workshop: $800

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